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Terms & Conditions
2012-12-23 11:50:08
First, the scope of responsibility
This insurance is divided into two types: air transport insurance and air transport. When the insured goods are suffered losses, the insurance shall be made on the basis of the insurance policy and the terms and conditions of the insurance policy shall be liable for compensation. The
(a) air transport insurance
This insurance is responsible for the compensation:
1. The insured goods are damaged by the lightning, fire, or due to bad weather or other dangerous aircraft suffered accidents and abandoned in transit, or due to the loss of all or part of the aircraft suffered a collision overturning caused by falling or missing accident. 2. The insured to take on the liability of dangerous goods from the rescue, prevent or reduce the damage measures and reasonable costs paid, but shall not exceed the number of rescued cargo insurance amount. The
(two) the air transportation all risks
In addition to above including air transport liability, the insurance is also responsible for the insured goods due to the loss of all or part of external causes. In
Two, except responsibility
This insurance is not liable for the loss, e.g.:
(a) loss caused by the intentional act or fault of the insured. The
(two) the loss caused by the liability of the shipper. The
(three) prior to the commencement of the insurance liability, the insured goods have been in the presence of poor quality or quantity of the loss caused by the short. The
(four) loss or damage or expense caused by the loss of the insured goods, the nature of the defects, the characteristics of the insured goods, and the price of the market. The
(five) the scope of liability and the exclusion of the company's air transport cargo war risk clauses and the cargo transport strike clauses.
Three, responsibility period
(a) negative "warehouse to warehouse the liability insurance, since the entry into force of the insured goods shipped from the insurance specified in the warehouse or place of storage to transportation, including the normal transport process of transport, until the arrival of the goods at the destination specified in the insurance policy consignees final warehouse or storage. The insured or used for other place of storage allocation, distribution or non normal transportation so far. If not to the warehouse storage premises, the insured goods are unloaded from the aircraft at the end of the expiry of thirty days after date. If the insured goods are to be forwarded to the destination stated in the above thirty days, the goods will be terminated when the goods are transported. The
(two) due to any sail beyond the control of the insured transport delay, bypass, forced discharge, heavy loading, reproduced or carrier by transport contract authority for change or termination of the contract, the insured goods to non insurance specified purpose, the insured timely will be informed of the situation of the insured, and if necessary and payment of the premium, this insurance shall remain in force. The insurance liability shall terminate according to the following: "
1. If the insured goods are in non insurance specified to sell insurance liability to the delivery date. But in any case, the insured goods are discharged from the aircraft at the full thirty days after unloading. The
2. The insured goods in the thirty day period to continue to the policy contained in the original or any other destination, this insurance in accordance with the above article (a) shall terminate. In
Four, the obligations of the insured
The insured shall, in accordance with the following provisions, handle the relevant matters, if the company has the right to refuse compensation for the loss of the company as a result of the failure to perform its obligations under the relevant provisions. The
(a) when the insured goods arrive at the destination after the insured, the insured shall timely take delivery. When the insured goods are found to suffer any loss, shall apply to the inspection and claim settling agent named on the insurance policy for inspection, if the insured goods are found short in entire package or packages or to show apparent traces of damage, shall obtain from the carrier, bailee or other relevant authorities to obtain goods damage goods certificate. If the loss or damage the carrier, bailee or other relevant responsibilities caused by, should lodge a claim with them in writing and, when necessary, to obtain an extension of the time of certification. The
(two) to take reasonable measures to prevent or reduce the loss of goods in the goods which are in danger of the insured liability. The
(three) in the claim to the insurer, must provide the following documents: "
Original policy, bill of lading, packing, number, weight memo, certificate of loss or damage, survey report and statement of claim. If any third party must provide the relevant correspondence from the responsible party and other necessary documents. In
Five, the period of claim
The insurance claims, from the insured goods in the final unloading of the aircraft from the calculation, up to no more than two years