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The China Shipping Container Lines Co was renamed the unveiling ceremony held in Shanghai
2016-09-09 10:29:45
In September 8th, the China Shipping Container Lines Co was renamed the unveiling ceremony held in Shanghai, officially renamed COSCO development Limited by Share Ltd (English Name: COSCO SHIPPING Development Co. Ltd., hereinafter referred to as the "COSCO development"). China Ocean Shipping Group Limited company chairman Mr. Xu Lirong, the general manager Mr. Wan Min, COSCO development CEO Mr. Wang Daxiong, the company's independent directors and Ms. Xi Zhiyue race collar capital President Mr. Liu Jian, President of the industrial fund Mr. Tang Xisheng together for the development of COSCO unveiled a new name.
CSCL was founded in 1997, is a company listed on the Hongkong and Shanghai company. In February 1st this year, CSCL company approved by the general meeting of shareholders the implementation of major asset restructuring. Through this reorganization, the company official from the container liner operators transformation the original for ship leasing, container leasing and non aviation leasing leasing business as the core, to the shipping finance for the characteristics of a comprehensive financial services platform.
COSCO Group Managing Director Mr. Wan Min said in his speech, COSCO development represents the opening of financial industry cluster group officially completed, COSCO development hope to further improve the company's development plan, focusing on the development of the financial industry, shipping industry chain, coordinated development in many aspects of financial leasing, financial investment, insurance, banking, equity financial companies, risk prevention and control, training of talents, to become a world-class shipping financial enterprises constantly.
As of June 30, 2016, COSCO Shipping Development container fleet size of 115, with a total capacity of 842 thousand TEU. Among them, a total of 74 ships owned ships, a total capacity of 582 thousand TEU; the company's container fleet of about 3 million 500 thousand TEU; in the non aviation financing lease, the company is committed to the development of many areas of health and education, new energy, construction and industrial equipment leasing business, leasing assets has exceeded 10 billion yuan. Facts have proved that the implementation of the restructuring and integration of the company, the synergistic effect gradually reflected.
COSCO DEVELOPMENT Mr. CEO Wang Daxiong said at the opening ceremony, COSCO development center, is not only the enterprise name change, also marks the company will enter a new historical period of development, marked by the financial sector of the shipping company will fully integrate into the new face of group "6+1" development strategy, marking the company will usher in a new voyage to CHAMC "lofty sentiments and aspirations. The future, COSCO development will rely on the shipping and financial, shipping and logistics industry play advantages, integration of industrial chain resources, industrial clusters to build leasing, investment, insurance, bank as the core, through market mechanism, differentiation advantage, international vision, realize the combination and cozy combination of the collaborative development of a variety of business financial products. Strive to build a world-class, leading China, has the characteristics of shipping logistics supply chain integrated financial services group, to create new brilliance.
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