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Premier Li Keqiang attends the importance of East Asia cooperation in the eleventh East Asian talks on East Asia
2016-09-09 08:40:19
According to Premier Li Keqiang 8 in Vientiane attended the eleventh session of the East Asia Summit, talk about the importance of cooperation in East Asia in Laos cited proverb. The prime minister said in his speech, Laos proverb: a post does not surround the fence, a village not to build good village. Hope that all parties to work together to promote the steady progress of East Asia, in order to promote regional peace and stability and lasting prosperity to contribute to the benefit of the people of all countries.
Prime Minister Li Keqiang in the afternoon of 8 Vientiane National Convention Center to attend the eleventh session of the East Asia Summit, ASEAN, Japan, South Korea and other leaders attended the "regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement" (RCEP) issued a joint statement with the ceremony, leaders took group photos.
Also, according to Xinhua news agency, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang 7 pm local time in Vientiane, the National Conference Center to attend the nineteenth meeting of the ASEAN (10+3) summit, ASEAN leaders and Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, South Korean President Park Geun Hye attended.
Li Keqiang said in his speech, 10+3 cooperation over the past 19 years, has made important achievements. Since last year, 10+3 pragmatic cooperation in various fields and made new progress. 10+3 20 anniversary of cooperation will usher in the next year, the parties should take this as a new starting point, to consolidate the role of the main channel of 10+3 in the process of regional economic integration, and write a new chapter in East Asian cooperation. Li Keqiang put forward six proposals on 10+3 cooperation:
First, strengthen financial security cooperation. China supports 10+3 countries to improve macroeconomic monitoring capabilities. Countries should summarize the impact of the financial crisis, to jointly safeguard financial stability.
Second, deepen trade and investment cooperation. China supports ASEAN to play a leading role in the RCEP negotiations, hopes the parties to accelerate the process of negotiations, promote regional trade liberalization and facilitation.
Third, promote cooperation in agriculture and poverty reduction. Fourth, to promote the construction of interconnection. Fifth, innovative capacity cooperation model.
Sixth, promote social and cultural exchanges. China encourages Chinese tourists to travel to ASEAN countries. Countries should cooperate to deal with the problem of aging.
What is the content of the Prime Minister signed the article before a few times?
This year is the 25 anniversary of the establishment of dialogue relations between China and asean. September 7th, Premier Li Keqiang attended the meeting of the leaders of East Asia cooperation and visits to Laos, Laos, the mainstream media published a signed article by Prime Minister Li Keqiang. Premier Li Keqiang attended the meeting of the leaders of East Asia cooperation four times, each time will publish a signed article, the prime minister has said before the article what content?
October 2013 - Thailand
In October 2013, the Thailand media published a signed article "hand in hand towards a better tomorrow," Li Keqiang, the Prime Minister:
China Railway cooperation will become the highlight of bilateral cooperation. China has accumulated a wealth of experience and strength in the construction of high-speed rail, is willing to actively participate in the construction of high-speed rail in Thailand, which will promote local goods and personnel exchanges, enhance the status of Thailand as a regional transport hub. China will also actively develop electric power, power, water conservancy, renewable energy and other areas of cooperation. Chinese has become the second foreign language of Thailand friends keen to learn Thai food, Thai drama, Thailand sports increasingly popular for the Chinese people.
Thailand is an important country in ASEAN, China's development will release a greater market demand. This will provide Thailand and other ASEAN countries with important opportunities for cooperation and a huge space for cooperation.
November 2014 - Burma
On November 2014, Premier Li Keqiang attended the meeting of East Asian leaders on the eve of the meeting, published a signed article "to join hands in creating a better future for China ASEAN relations.":
ASEAN friends often said that in the ASEAN dialogue partners, China attaches great importance to ASEAN, the most support of ASEAN, the largest investment in ASEAN, the proposed cooperation initiative is the most, the two sides can be described as a natural strategic partner". Indeed, these years we continue to promote cooperation in various fields, is closely interconnected and interdependent, forming the fate of the community solidarity. China ASEAN relations have become a banner of East Asian cooperation.
China is willing to increase investment in the less developed ASEAN countries to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with other countries in the area of poverty alleviation, social development and other areas of poverty alleviation, support ASEAN to narrow the gap between internal development.
November 2015 - Malaysia
In November 20, 2015, the Malaysia media published a signed article by the prime minister Li Keqiang, "the history of the new channel coordinates of the wind up the sails":

In the political mutual respect and mutual trust, economic complementarity and mutual benefit. China has become Malaysia's largest trading partner for seven consecutive years, and Malaysia is China's largest trading partner in ASEAN countries. Badminton is the love of the people of the two countries, China's Lin Dan and Malaysia's Li Zongwei are on behalf of the world's top level. They worked hard in the field, the pursuit of the peak, the presence of like-minded, Freemasonry, also to exchange greetings sms.

China ASEAN relationship is an important cornerstone of regional peace and stability and development and prosperity. This year, the East Asia Cooperation summit meetings held at the ASEAN Community officially completed, has the sense of milepost type. Still, the impact of international financial crisis countries generally face downward pressure of the moment, national unity and cooperation, and seek common development and pull together in times of trouble, and promote prosperity is particularly important. In the traditional and non-traditional security challenge clusters under the background of local multicultural harmony, with the development of the road seeking precious. In the external intervention led to some of the world's regional turmoil continues, the impact of the lessons of serious spillover, long-term stability and unity of the region, peace and stability of the excellent situation is worth the common guardian.