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The difference between air transport and express delivery
2016-09-08 06:10:34
(1) the timeliness of EMS is higher than that of air express, freight rate is greater than the volume of less than air express, air express.
Express mail transport mode is three-dimensional, can be the aviation and railway, highway and waterway transportation, goods delivery area widely, through the two level and three level of transfer station and distribution. Delivery of goods can arrive in the country. Although express low operating costs, the goods can also be timely delivery is completed, but due to the increase in the flow of goods of intermediate links, the safety coefficient is lower than air express.
(2) the mode of transport of air transport can only be: air. The flow of goods delivery to two points between the main city area. Two level and three level transit, distribution of delivery area, generally by the motor transport direct delivery, not transit. The relatively high cost of transportation hub. Suitable for bulk goods, fragile goods, etc..