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What is the difference between the main and the main one in the bill of lading?
2016-09-08 06:00:28
The LORD called single master air waybill, printed and issued by relevant airlines, master air waybill will show a prominent position at the beginning of the airline name and related code. A single, can be called the bill of lading, printed and issued by the forwarding company, the beginning of a significant position will show the relevant freight forwarding company name and related code. This is the difference between the two printed issue.
The main waybill is claimed by the freight forwarder to airlines, freight forwarding related information is displayed in the main air waybill, and then returned to the airline, the airline records confirm the cargo information content on the master air waybill. The single is issued directly confirm the relevant information content to the owner of goods by freight. This is the difference between the two final confirmation. In addition to the main air waybill cargo weight, close to the actual weight of goods mostly, because the airline to take this plane loading balance, so the weight can not provide forwarding error. And to the owner of the single issued by freight forwarders, the weight of the above may have a big error between the actual weight, because this is one of the freight forwarding profit method.
The main role is to inform the waybill, airlines, cargo related data, the number of goods, weight, volume. The consignor and related information and to be transported to the destination, in most cases, the main air waybill delivery human freight forwarding company, the consignee for the relevant port of destination and the freight forwarding company related agency. The responsibility of the agency is to help the freight forwarding company to notify the consignee, and arrange for customs clearance and charge a fee.
The waybill is let the owner know what arrangements the cargo airline, flight reservation is few. And inform the forwarding of the goods received the relevant volume data, the freight charge related to the owner.