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The beauty of women by aircraft cosmetics how to take
2016-09-07 09:47:01
The beauty of the women go out always do not forget to bring cosmetics, so when the plane is also to bring the same cosmetics. But the security is very strict, although the cosmetics can be brought, it is also provided, can not let you blindly to take, that is, how to take the plane cosmetics?
According to the notice issued by the General Administration of civil aviation of china:
Passengers on domestic flights are prohibited from carrying liquids, but can be transported, the packaging should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the civil aviation transportation.
Cosmetics only allowed to bring the following 100 ml, and even if you are less than 100 ml of cosmetics, but its packaging is greater than 100 ml, that is not allowed to take, must be in accordance with its packaging to decide. In addition, the cosmetics must be placed in a separate bag in order to be able to accept the bottle inspection.
In addition, like shampoo, perfume, nail polish these liquid cosmetics, these cosmetics will fit into a 1000 ml transparent with a zipper bag, and the plane can carry a.
Generally speaking, do not take too much of the cosmetics, especially like liquid. If you want to take the case, you can change the liquid to do a solid or powder containing cosmetics to carry some of the more safe.
The plane for carrying the goods is very strict requirements, not by car or train so easy, so everyone in the plane before consulting with the appropriate, what the band gap, so that you can have security security.