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Shenzhen, Europe and the United States will be directly to the United States and Australia international aviation hub status upgrade
2016-09-07 10:07:25
Learned from the Shenzhen airport, after the early efforts to expand international routes, Shenzhen airport news, following the first half of the new Tokyo, Dubai, Sydney, Losangeles, Frankfurt and other 5 international routes, September Shenzhen airport will usher in a new batch of intensive opening of international routes. In late September, China Southern Airlines, Spring Airlines, Xiamen Airlines will continue to open in Shenzhen, Jakarta, Siem Reap, Seattle three international routes, and encrypts the Sabah route. At this point, the Shenzhen airport in the new open international air points will reach 8, starting from the international passenger route network has also been officially implemented in Europe and america.
Shenzhen Airport starting route in September to achieve a direct flight to Europe and the United States, to open a new era of international routes
With the Shenzhen airport international aviation hub location and the promotion of the internationalization of Shenzhen city to accelerate the pace of construction, Shenzhen international shipping market has attracted the major aircraft companies have vied. In January this year, China Southern Airlines to open the first route to Sydney, Shenzhen, Shenzhen direct flights to australia. In February 1st, Air China also opened in Shenzhen - Beijing - Losangeles route in Shenzhen, and in May this year, Shenzhen's first direct flights to Europe route Shenzhen - Frankfurt route opened, the first half of Shenzhen international route network is to achieve a full coverage of Europe and australia.
Compared to before the transit through Beijing Losangeles route, Xiamen Airlines will be opened in September 26th in Shenzhen - Seattle route will be the first time in Shenzhen to the United States, is the true sense of the first of Shenzhen flights to North American routes. "Good economic development in Shenzhen has a strong demand for international routes, in particular, the international routes from Shenzhen direct flights can greatly improve the efficiency of travel, you can better places will be able to travel to Shenzhen business people." According to the airport statistics, since this year, Shenzhen airport international routes average load rate close to 80%, the first half of the newly opened in Shenzhen - Sydney, Shenzhen - Frankfurt two non-stop intercontinental routes at the beginning of the sailing market cultivation period, average guest rate is close to 60%, shows that Shenzhen in the development of international direct flights to the good the potential and huge market demand.
Seattle route to the Shenzhen airport to build an international aviation hub has an important strategic significance, the route will be conducive to the smooth opening of the airport to enhance the value of the network and the overall level of service security." Airport relevant person in charge said that the opening of the Seattle direct flights will enable the Shenzhen airport international route network from Europe and the United States and Australia to upgrade to Europe and the United States and Australia, open the new era of the development of Shenzhen international long route.
To strengthen the "expansion of Belt and Road Initiative along waypoints, Shenzhen airport close to 10 destinations in South East Asia
With the development of the intercontinental long route, Europe and Australia market to achieve a breakthrough at the same time, the Shenzhen airport strategic opportunity to firmly grasp the national "The Belt and Road", cultivating the Southeast Asian market, and strive to create more Southeast Asian market business lines and boutique tourist routes, and strengthen the "one with the way of interconnection along the country, better play Shenzhen Belt and Road Initiative" hub city effect.
It is understood that the 4 international routes opened in September in Shenzhen, in addition to Seattle, the other 3 are connected in Southeast Asia in the state route, which in September 21st China Southern Airlines will be the first opening of Shenzhen - Jakarta route, which is the second after Bali Island, Indonesia flights Shenzhen airport opened in the. As the capital of Indonesia and the maritime Silk Road of the city, the opening of the Jakarta route will also greatly promote the economic and cultural integration between the two friendly cities of Shenzhen and Jakarta.
In addition, Spring Airlines will open in Shenzhen - Siem Reap, Shenzhen - Sabah two routes in Shenzhen in September 26th, it will also become after Air China, China Southern Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, and an airport in Shenzhen, the domestic airlines operating international routes. The spring and Autumn Airlines opened the new Sabah route also achieved the Sabah to Shenzhen route encryption, then Sabah to Shenzhen flights will be increased to 10 classes per week.
With the September Shenzhen to Jakarta, Siem Reap, Sabah and other 3 southeast the opening of new routes, passenger airlines at Shenzhen airport to Southeast Asia to 9, Southeast Asia has become a lot of people of Shenzhen holiday travel abroad destination. In the first half of this year, Shenzhen airport passenger traffic growth rate is higher than the average growth rate in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Sabah and other popular route load factor is increased by 10% year on year. According to the airport in July the latest guest rate statistics show that the Shenzhen airport has opened the Southeast Asia route, Sabah route average load factor of 88.6%, in the Shenzhen airport all the Southeast Asian passenger routes in the first place.
It is understood that, with the opening of the 4 new international routes in September, when the Shenzhen International Airport (excluding region) will be increased to 19 regular passenger flights to. In addition, Shenzhen to Oakland, Melbourne, Nagoya, Chiang Mai, Nha Trang and other international routes will also be gradually opened, when the Shenzhen airport international route network accessibility will further enhance the status of international aviation hub, will also be further improved.